Friday, July 30, 2010

Crisis in Africa

There is a real crisis in Africa that most people are not aware of.

I am asking for your help on a matter that is most urgent to the albinism community. In the last two years, at least 53 people with albinism have been hunted and killed in Tanzania to satisfy followers of widely held folk religions. Practitioners believe that the skin, organs and limbs of people with albinism can be made into potions that can give wealth or luck.

Tanzanians with albinism once had reason to believe that their government would uniformly prosecute the murderers, but recently, most trials have been suspended because of a “lack of funds”. Although prosecution has resumed in certain provinces, justice is by no means widespread or consistent. As a result, people with albinism in Tanzania live in constant fear for their lives, without the assurance of protection or justice.

The National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation (NOAH) is working to put a stop to this horrific practice, and to compel the Tanzanian government to resume uniform prosecution of the murderers. To be more effective, we need your help to increase awareness about the ongoing crisis. I urge you to send a letter to your member of Congress and to your senator, asking them to join the campaign to end this practice. NOAH is seeking members of Congress who would be willing to sponsor a joint resolution calling for action in Tanzania.

Please visit THIS LINK to access a template letter for members of Congress, as well as contact information.

How can you help?  Make a donation to Noah HERE, Under the Same Sun HERE or Asante Mariamu HERE.

To see the beauty in persons with albinism, click HERE.

More information (graphic narration):  20/20 Video

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