Friday, October 12, 2012

MIA in my craft room

I am still alive blog followers!

This week I have been working on a quilt tote bag.  I promise I will post a picture when I am finished.  I haven't sewn for years, mostly because of my back problem.  I purged three totes of fabric but held onto my sewing and serger machines.  My friend Barb (you know, the one that says patience is not one of my virtures) is a quilter.  I am proud to say, my patience level has increased a little, but enough with that!

This is a picture of the tote from the free pattern available HERE at 

 I purchased my fabric earlier this year at Tuesday Mornings.  You may remember I was working on a tote in June (my post).  I didn't like how the nearly finished product turned out and after putting in more than forty hours, I threw it away.  I am somewhat of a perfectionist and something that would take the average person an hour to do, takes me more than two.  So far, I have twenty-five hours in my tote and I think, in the end, I will have another three hours in a small tote.  I am blessed to be able to spend so much time crafting - all because my husband works hard so I can play hard.

I modified the pattern because the straps were not sewn inside the seams.  I also modified the way the box bottom was made. 

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craftysals creative corner said...

thanks for the link to pattern, been looking for a bag pattern I like for a while