Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where have I been, you ask......

........I am still up to my old crafty self. 

I am making a quilted bag using McCall's Pattern 6094.  (Edited to add - These three bags are NOT what I have made, it is the pattern I purchased.)
McCall's Pattern 6094
I use to sew, haven't sewn anything in years.  In fact, I purged my three totes of fabric a few years ago.

I found some fabric at Tuesday Morning's and it cried out to me.  I couldn't help myself - they are far more expensive at my fabric store and even Walmart.  I purchased two two-yard packages of Creative Cuts (two fabrics, one yard of each packaged together).  Two days later, I found another package (different pattern) at Big Lots.  The two-yard package at Tuesday Morning was $2.99, the two-yard package was $6.00 at Big Lots.

Yellow and black - an awesome combination - wouldn't you agree?

The front and back panels are made the same way.  Either I have forgotten how to sew or the McCall's pattern instructions are wrong.  Being humble and all......I think McCall's made a mistake.  

I made the front and the back panel sections and put them together according to the pattern.  I attached the white bands (14" according to the pattern), but when ironed, the front and back panels puckered.  The diamond patterns are a little tricky and being the perfectionist at crafting, I took my time making the pattern strips.  I thought... maybe if I double stitched over the white bands, they would look better.  BIG MISTAKE! I could have taken the white bands off and used the pieces already completed.  Well, genius here, didn't even think about that.  When you double stitch something, you might as will forget about trying to rip the stitching out.  

I carefully made a new set of front and back pieces and when it came to attaching the white bands, I measured the McCall's pattern piece first and it was 14".  Even the instructions said to attach the panels using 1" x 14" piece of fabric.  I decided to measure my panel pieces and they measures 14 1/2".  I double checked the pattern measurements because it couldn't have been my fault (of course not!).  I decided the white bands should measure 14 1/2".  I decided at that time, I didn't like how narrow the white bands were.  Since the white band width changed, the length of the panels changed (I added 1/2" to each band)..

I completed the front and back and I am pleased with the quilting.  The side panels are the same; however, I decided to make another change.  Four side panels later (you only need two) the sides are completed.  All I can say is - thank goodness I have plenty of fabric. 

I still have to quilt the side and bottoms panels.  I haven't made the lining yet, I am sure I will end up making two.

I am still crafty as ever!  What have you crafted lately?

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Pam~ said...

OMGosh, Beth, these are beautiful! Great colors and patterns! You are so creative! So what other talents do you have?

Have a great evening!