Saturday, February 4, 2012

Casto Family Tree

I have been, from time to time, working on my family tree. I did it without going to If you have date of births on the members of your family, most likely with some creative internet surfing, you will find amazing information about your family.

Internet 101
• A basic search, Jennings Bud Casto (my grandfather) will net many results. Included in the results was information on the Jennings Family Genealogy.
• An advanced search, "Jennings Bud Casto" will filter out the Jennings Family. Just by placing quotes around my grandfather's name, I found information about his siblings.

Fortunately, many of my relatives (who I do not know) have done most the work for me. I was able to go back six generations all by beginning a basic search on my grandfather. I was able to validate that was truly my grandfather's family tree because I did have his date of birth.

I have information that William Evans Garrett was born in May, 1768 and married Elizabeth Hendricks in June, 1971. William died in April, 1846. Elizabeth was born in June, 1774 and died in July, 1833. I was able to find that Elizabeth's parents were Joshua Redwine and Rosanna (unknown last name).

Jennings Bud Casto - my grandfather
His parents Everett Parker Casto and Alwilda Iona Skeen
His grandparents Franklin Pierce Skeen and Phoebe Garrett
His great great grandparents James Garrett and Sarah Buckley
His great great great grandparents Williams Evans Garrett and Elizabeth Hendricks
His great great great great grandparents Joshua Redwine and Rosanna (last name unknown)

Meet my grandfather - Jennings Bud (JB) Casto. I believe this picture was taken in Kent, Ohio, in front of his car dealership.
I wish I knew who to thank for gathering all the information that I found, so easily, on the internet. If you are reading this blog, please email me.

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