Sunday, January 24, 2010

I now understand

Melody Gardot

When she was 19, Philadelphia singer/songwriter Melody Gardot was involved in an accident that damaged both her body and her brain. A car struck her as she was riding her bicycle, although she can’t remember why or where she was pedaling to. The accident left her with a fractured pelvis and damaged her spine.

Gardot, now 24, spent the next year in bed, learning to do everday tasks, like talking, again. She still has short term memory issues, and is hyper-sensitive to light and sound. Although she refuses to give up her high heels, she now walks with a cane, cannot sit or stand for long periods of time and wears glasses with dark lenses to shield her eyes.

During her recovery, doctors recommended that she listen to music to help repair her mental acuity. That’s when the magic happened................

The video

Bill was hit by a car years ago - he, too is sensitive to light. I have witnessed his increased sensitivity - I now understand.

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