Saturday, July 23, 2011

Personalized Labels

I make up "labels" for my card gift sets that I sell and use as gifts. I like to give the recipient the option of selecting their own sentiment. The choices of sentiments are: Thank You, Thinking of You, For You, Praying for You and Happy Birthday.

I create the sentiment, usually using the Word Window Punch and include them in the gift set. After punching out the sentiment, I apply clear adhesive tabs to the back. All the recipient has to do is select their sentiment, remove the blue liner (on the clear adhesive tab) and apply it to the card.  For an example of my choose your own sentiment gift sets, click HERE.

The problem was, how do I put instructions in the gift set without being lengthy? I created a file using Microsoft Publisher with the instructions (see example below) and using the Decorative Label Punch; I punch out an instruction label and place it inside the gift set.

I often mail a birthday card; get well or thinking of you to a friend. I leave the card unsigned and place in a label (like the one above) that says…..

This is a PIF card. PIF means Pay it
Forward. This card was intentionally
left unsigned so you can use it for your
personal use.

I have made a number of “labels” and they are so easy to create.

Would you like me to create personal labels for you that fit perfectly with the Decorative Label Punch? I will create a file and email them to you in a Adobe PDF format for $2.99 per design. All you have to do is open the file, print out the labels on a 8 1/2” x 11” piece of paper and punch out using the Decorative Label Punch. Each sheet makes twenty labels.

Another example of a label I created is:

…this is much more than a card, it’s a magnetic bookmark too!

Click on the Buy Now button and pay through Paypal. I will send you an email asking how you want to personalize your labels (once your purchase is complete).

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