Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Resolution - Matthew 22:39

Matthew 22:39 ...... Love your neighbor as yourself.

Please join me and make my New Year's Resolution's your New Year's Resolution.

Respect the lives of your neighbor and drive safer. Turn off your cell phone while driving.

  • Your cell phone call to Aunt Judy can wait. She will just have to understand that you are busy keeping an eye on the road and will call her back.

  • Your email can wait – unless you are God, it isn’t important enough to endanger the lives of your neighbor.

Think of your neighbor first, drive safer and turn off your cell phone while you are driving. And "peeking" to see who sent you an email or called is a distraction. NO cell phone usage, period.

How long will this resolution last? It should be a permanent commitment to God. You are NOT important enough to endanger the lives of those around you!

Please leave a comment if you are making this your New Year's Resolution.

I personally will make a post "if" I personally fail in my commitment to Love my Neighbor!

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