Monday, May 25, 2009

Red Eyes

Why don't you have red eyes?
The question still burns
I know the question will come
When I meet a new person
It's in the back of my mind
It's not like it makes me want to cry
By and by its fine
Just an annoyance you might say
When I meet a new person this question insues
What's wrong with you?
When this question comes up
and my condition is proved
Why don't you have red eyes?
It makes me want to say another word for poo
I'm a human don't you see?
What are you legally blind just like me?
I'm not a rat, hamster or aligator
That's very plain to see
That is why I don't have red eyes,
We're all the same, you and me.

I found this today, our son Bill wrote it sometime in his teens. Our son, almost 25 years old, is so wise for his age. His life with Albinism has not been an easy road; but I do know this - it makes him the most compassionate person I know.

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