Sunday, April 28, 2013


My wonderful sister Sue (you know, the one that complains I never post, the same one that I love so much) was here for one week.  Her yearly trip to spend some quality time with me. 

We spent 85% of the time in my craft room.  I think we set a card-making record, beating our past record of 93.  The other 15% of the time was spent shopping, taking up some Alabama sun and fixing dinner together.  She was in the kitchen every evening helping me.  On day two of her visit I realized I need a wife.  My sister Sue, the one that complains I never post, is not only a good listener, a good card maker, she is the PERFECT wife for ME!

I am blessed to have a wonderful sister.  I miss her.  Thank goodness she is only a phone call away.

Sue follows my blog and just because I forgot to tell her I missed her in an email today, I created this post.  Hey Sue - I MISS YOU!

To my other blog followers - I will try to post something this week.  So until then, make sure your sister, your mother or your best friend knows how much you love her!  I LOVE YOU SUE!

Friday we went mule hunting in Jasper, Alabama.  There are fifty painted mules in Walker County.  We found fourteen of them and stopped to get closeup pictures of all of them.  Next year we will find the rest.

Click here for information about the fifty mules. 

This was our favorite - look closely at the mule's tail


Mary said...

You are so lucky to have a sister Beth! Those mules are awesome!

denmo said...

What a lovely post! Fab pics of the Mules, we have Banana Lambs here in Liverpool (UK) and I love them well as my sister! lol..

Sadly my mojo is illegally AWOL and has been for quite a while...although I am still managing to add new craft stuff to my stash!

Happy crafting, hugs...Denise (UK) xx