Friday, November 25, 2011

I am still here.....

.......I know I haven't posted a papercraft item in quite sometime.  If you email my sister Sue, she will give you the exact amount of days since my last post.  I have been knitting.

Photo from Caron Website

I started knitting a cardigan over a month ago and after knitting for hours my neck began to hurt.  I have severe issues with my neck that often result in cervicogenic headaches (very similar to migraines).  I did consult with my surgeon and he said knitting was okay.

I am making the Sophia Cardi found online HERE.  I am using Caron Simply Soft, color Ocean 9759, less than $3.50 per skein at Walmart.  Ocean is a deep teal, teal is my new favorite color!

I am a little bit of a perfectionist and have had to take out a number of rows.  I finally figured out that if you put markers between each pattern set, it is much easier to find your mistakes.  I also have taken hints from the Big Book of Knitting and from this great website Knitting Help which demonstrates all aspects of knitting.  I just hope I used the right tip in the right location.

This pattern uses the Horseshoe and Broken Rib stitches.  The front sides and back are made as one piece.  I changed the pattern in a few places.  Instead of three stitches for the bottom hem and front edges (both left and right), I added two addtional stitches.  I used the Seed Stitch instead of the Garter Stitch for the borders.

I have finished the front and back and have begun knitting just the back section.   The left and right front stitches are on stitch holders.  Hopefully someday, I will finish this and it is nice enough to wear outside my house.
Front and Back (one piece) and Upper Back

Bottom hem of cardigan

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