Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blog Award

I received a blog award - my first!! .......I'm speechless. 

I have been given the "Cherry on Top" blog award from Pam at Wacky Whippet Stamper.  It is a small, small world, Pam and I are nearly neighbors and met each other through our blogs.  I just started subscribing to Pam's blog through Feedburner.  Every time Pam posts to her blog, I receive and email.  Check out her blog and you will want to receive her email updates as well.

Thank you Pam for making my day!

The rules for receiving this award

Thank the person that passed it to you.
  1. Copy the award to your blog.
  2. Share three things about yourself that you enjoy doing.
  3. Pass the award to 5 others.
The three things I would like to share with you are:
  1. I love cardmaking and paper crafting
  2. I enjoy sending PIF* cards
  3. I enjoy being part of a card ministry for United Methodist Women and the Adams/Johnston Circle
*What is a PIF Card?
When I send someone a birthday, thank you, or thinking of you card, it is usually a PIF card. The handmade card is not signed; instead, I enclose a little note telling them that this is a card for them to use by Paying it Forward.

I give this award to:
  1. Joan - Joan's Daily Stampede (check out her YouTube Channel)
  2. Chris - For Love of Paper (check out her YouTube Channel)
  3. Darlene - Dreaming about Rubber Stamping (check out her YouTube Channel)
  4. Lynda - Lynda's Quiet Time
  5. Yvonne - Paper Flourish
I had a hard time picking just five blogs to pass this on to. There are so many wonderful and inspiring blogs out there that I follow and enjoy reading. Thanks to all the bloggers who showcase their gorgeous creations and create fantastic YouTube tutorials for all to enjoy!

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Yvonne Russell said...

Thank you so much. What an honour... much appreciated.