Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kendall's Dad says it's so difficult to email pictures it is Wednesday and I guess he has had these pictures in his possession since Monday. Sons! Sons! Sons!

HOW COULD HE NOT SHARE THESE? He wanted to blame it on Kristin. I guess since she does most of the work around the house, and takes care of the baby and studies for her Masters; she should have found time to email me a picture.

I came to your defense and told him you are too busy getting your Masters (woohoo Kristin, you go girl).

I had to explain to my technically challenged son how to email pictures.
I guess he never sends attachments by it is almost 2010 and David has never emailed an attachment. I had to walk him through the steps. I guess he is stuck in the 70s even though he was born in the 80s.

I think I will get him Windows ME for Christmas. I better start hunting for this relic program.

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